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Let’s Talk Brows!

Let’s talk brows! I am all for them – In fact, it would be safe to say I am PRO-BROW! So when I was asked to actually be involved in the naming of a Pro-Brow Kit for Superdrug’s B. Range, naturally I jumped at the chance.

Introducing….. ‘B.Defined‘ – I know, I know, I’m a literary genius! You don’t have to tell me, I already know it’s the best named product EVER!

B. Defined Dark B. Defined Light, superdrug, b. range, brow kit, brow gel, highlighter B. Defined Light, superdrug, b. range, brow kit, brow gel, highlighter

But in all seriousness, I totally love this product and that is not me being biased. As a Makeup Artist, I won’t say a product is great if it actually isn’t.

B. Defined is part of Superdrug’s ‘B.’ Range. I have reviewed a number of their products in the past and have been very impressed with them. Read some of them here:

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Your Summer would not B. Complete without these Eye Palettes!

Available in two shades (light and dark) and containing a wax to set, two brow shades and a creamy highlighter as well as double-ended applicator, the kit has everything required for beautifully defined eyebrows.

coleen-rooneyIf there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s 1-Dimensional Eyebrows. You should be shaping your eyebrows with multiple colours to create depth and definition. So unlike many other brow kits which only give you one colour to work with, B. Defined actually gives you 2! Allowing you to create the perfect 3D brows in your own home.

Just look how crazy Angelina Jolie would look if she opted for the one dimensional scouse brow!


Praise the heavens for Makeup Artists who actually give their clients the 3D megan-fox-giorgio-armani-beauty-01treatment. I have to say, I have a little bit of brow envy for Megan Foxes perfectly pruned brows, they are perfect!

I really love the wax in this product, it is soft enough to let you mould and shape your brows without them appearing stuck to the skin.

The highlighter is super creamy and very subtle. It really is an all-round great kit.

At the moment the kit is available in 2 shades, but I would love to see kits for ash/blonde or red heads aswell.

I do have some Good News and some Bad News for you though! I’ll give you the good news first – The B. Defined Brow Kit will be priced at a tiny £9.99. If you compare what you get in this kit against what you get in other leading brands kits, you are getting massive value for money. It will be available both on www.superdrug.com on in your local Superdrug store.

…. and the Bad News – The B. Defined kit I was sent is a pre-launch product – B. Defined isn’t actually released until May meaning you will have to wait a bit longer for it.

Here is a little #Selfie of my brows today using the B. Defined ‘Dark’ Kit

Nuala Campbell, Makeup Artist, B. Defined, superdrug, brow kit, eyebrows

For a Brand which is only 1 year old – They are making massive headway with their products.

Like everything in the B. makeup and skincare collection, the B. Defined eyebrow kit is certified cruelty free, and vegan.

You are going to love this kit! It is well worth it for under a tenner!


Nuala x


Can you Rock a Red Lip this Valentines?

Red lips valentines day makeupAs  much as we all would love to pull off a gorgeous deep red lipstick to seduce anyone whose eyes fall upon us, the truth is, it’s just not that easy and if we aren’t careful, we will more than likely scare away all of those wandering eyes if we pick the wrong colour.

So here is the rule of thumb, I’m not saying that you MUST stick to these rules, there are a few who can break the rule depending on the balance they can create with their eye makeup and even their eye colour.

Red lips valentines day makeup penelope-cruz-red-lipstickIf you have darker skin, you firstly need to work out if you have warm or cool undertones.  If you decide you have warm undertones, you will find an orange-red lippy will work best to compliment your skin. Penelope Cruz is a great example of warm dark skin rocking an orange-red.

If you have cool undertones to your dark skin, you will rock a true red.

Fair skinned women are going to be best suited with Blue-Red Lipsticks, this is because they are less bright than that of an orange-red or a true-red. Saying that, ombre lips, valentines day, makeup, beautybecause you are wearing a dark lip, you need to make sure to balance your eye makeup. It is a must that you wear some dark eyeliner and plentiful layers of mascara. Otherwise, you lips will steal the show and your eyes will disappear.

You can always be brave and mix the depth of the reds you choose to wear. I love this image of Ombré-Style red lips.

Megan fox red lips valentines day makeup beauty blue red liptstick

With all of this being said, be careful not to wear too much eye-makeup. Yes, you will need plenty of Eyeliner and Mascara (or some luscious falsies), but be careful to keep your eyeshadow in neutral tones. There are few who can carry off dramatic eyes and lips.

So remember as much as we love the thought of having dramatic red lips, make sure you are using the correct colour for your skin-tone so your lips can stand out for all the right reasons. Here are a few examples of people wearing a a Red Lipstick which is wrong for their skin-tone.

celebrity-red-lips-megan-fox-Red lips valentines day makeup red-lipstick how-to-apply-Red-lipstick