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Garden of Colour, Perfect for Summer!

Much to my delight I was sent some lovely products from a new up & coming brand from Poland, called Silcare.

I’m not going to lie, I had never heard of this brand before but it’s always super exciting to try out some fresh new products!  The products produced by Silcare are directed towards not only professional nail technicians but also people with just a love of nails & beauty, so the quality is actually amazing.  Something that really impressed me about this brand is that absolutely none of their items are tested on animals and they are trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible – this is something I feel quite strongly about.  I always try to make sure that none of the products I offer to my clients have been tested on animals and that they contain no harmful chemicals that may harm their health.  So after reading all these great things I was incredibly surprised to see how cheap all of their products are!  Their nail polishes are roughly £2 & their cuticle oils are about £1.70, these are the products I will be reviewing today.  Buying the products directly from the Silcare website http://nails.silcare.com/ is your most cost effective option.

silicare, Silcare website http://nails.silcare.com/, nail varnish, polish, poland, new

The website supplies literally everything you need to either open up your own little nail salon or just keep your own nails in tip-top shape at home.  From cuticle pushers, nail files & nail conditioners to UV lamps, hand rests & beautifully pigmented gel polishes, Silcare have got you covered.  I was sent two lovely Nail Polishes & two of their new Cuticle Oils, all from their Garden of Colour range.  Along with a few of their Gel Polishes but I will review these separately at a later date!

silicare, Silcare website http://nails.silcare.com/, nail varnish, polish, poland, new

The packaging is very similar to OPI or China Glaze which instantly gives the illusion of a luxury brand.

silicare, Silcare website http://nails.silcare.com/, nail varnish, polish, poland, new

The bronze polish reminds me of Galaxy chocolate, yummy! – A beautiful shimmering colour containing fine metallic glitter as well as larger pieces of iridescent glitter.  It was quite a thin consistency which was super easy to apply.  I applied my normal two coats however I think it would actually take three coats of this polish to get the desired glittering effect.  I really love the colour of this polish, it would be perfect with a holiday tan on your toes!

silicare, Silcare website http://nails.silcare.com/, nail varnish, polish, poland, new

silicare, Silcare website http://nails.silcare.com/, nail varnish, polish, poland, new

I really wasn’t sure about the green polish, I am normally quite traditional (boring) when it comes to my nail polish colour choices.  But upon applying this polish I was very pleasantly surprised.  It had a much more concentrated amount of the finer glitter than the brown polish but was the same thin consistency.  It applied like a total dream & I actually really liked the sparkling end result!  It still isn’t a polish I would wear every day but I can totally see myself rocking it on an evening out!

silicare, Silcare website http://nails.silcare.com/, nail varnish, polish, poland, new

Both of the polishes were pretty chip resistant & durable.  I will definitely be ordering more of these little beauties!

silicare, Silcare website http://nails.silcare.com/, nail varnish, polish, poland, new, Cuticle oil

After I painted my nails with the polishes I slathered on some cuticle oil.  I absolutely love the packaging of these cuticle oils, they look really luxurious.  The little pipette function in the lid ensures that the application is extremely easy & mess free.  I just popped a little droplet of oil on each of my nails and gave each cuticle a wee 20 second massage.

silicare, Silcare website http://nails.silcare.com/, nail varnish, polish, poland, new, Cuticle oil

Some cuticle oils can be quite heavy & greasy but these oils are light in texture & just the right amount of ‘greasy’ to ensure your cuticles are sufficiently conditioned.  I found the oil soaked into my cuticles & left them feeling wonderfully moisturised without leaving a slimy residue.  I wasn’t a fan of the ‘Deep Blue Jasmine’ scented oil as it was just too floral for me but the ‘Red Apple’ smelled good enough to eat!  There is a Coconut fragranced cuticle oil that I imagine would be ideal for the summer… Anything that smells like coconut always reminds me of lounging on a sunny beach, applying my sun cream whilst sipping on a Pina Colada!

All in all I am super impressed with these products.  They tick all my boxes!  Great quality, packaging & durability, with an even better price range!  At only a couple of pounds per polish you could afford to totally overhaul your nail polish collection for the new summer season & throw in a few extra little treats for good measure.  I will definitely be ordering more of the cuticle oils for myself & also my clients!

Article by Louise Henry

Louise joined The Beauty Cloud team in May 2014 as our Nail expert.  She is a fully trained & qualified Nail Technician running her own little nail bar in Bangor, The Nail Room at Salon75. 

Any questions, email louise@thebeautycloud.co.uk or find her on Facebook

Facing Fake Tan

Sometimes fake tan can be scary. Even the most experienced fake tanners can make a mistake here and there. So when it comes to tanning your face, a lot of people just simply opt out and don’t bother at all. In my opinion, if you’re already beautifully bronzing up your body then why shouldn’t you treat your face as well?

There are a lot of fake tans out there designed solely with your face in mind.  Ensure you use a facial fake tan, not one intended for your body as your face has different needs in order to achieve a natural even glow.

Fake Bake Face Self-Tan

One of the best facial fake tans out there is Fake Bake’s Face Platinum. This product is not just a fake tan, but also an anti-aging lotion. It combines Fake Bake’s signature triple tanning agents with the latest anti-ageing ingredient – PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica, created from stem cells extracted from the rare Swiss apple Uttwiler Spätlauber.  This is the kind of 2 for 1 combination we can’t say no to as your skin is left with a beautiful golden glow, added vitality and a more youthful complexion.

I adore this product. It develops over a few hours so I applied it before I went to sleep and rinsed it off with water the following morning to discover a gorgeous bronzed look. It is the most natural looking facial tan that I have tried – it doesn’t sit in your pores, so it isn’t obvious that you have been fake tanning.

For those of you, like me, who like a very dark tan you will need to apply the Fake Bake facial tan a couple of nights in a row to get your desired look but you won’t be hearing any complaints from me as the option to build up this facial tan is exactly what I was looking for as it allows you to tailor the depth of your tan.  This is a facial tan that caters for everyone!

I have quite oily skin.  This can make me a little nervous about tanning my face.  However, once this product is applied it is absorbed quickly, without any oily residue or shine.  This matt finish is an added bonus and it means you could consider applying this product in the morning and allow it to sit underneath your make up, or even use it as your base if you don’t mind having to wait a few hours for it to develop. It doesn’t dry out your skin either.  Instead, the anti-aging ingredients have a moisturising effect which ensures your skin is left soft and balanced.

Fake Bake Face Polish

Fake Bake also have an excellent Bamboo Buffering Face Polish. This gently, but effectively exfoliates your face, removing impurities and dead skin cells. This ensures a more even application. All you need to do is apply to wet skin, gently rub in, and rinse away. Trust me when I say it’s worth it. The sunflower seed oil and avocado fruit oil moisturises your skin, leaving it soft and fresh, creating the perfect base for your tan application.

I think everyone should give these great products a try. Don’t be afraid of facial fake tanning anymore, Fake Bake have made it very easy for you!

For more information about Fake Bake’s amazing range of products see their website http://www.fakebake.co.uk

To Gel Polish or Not to Gel Polish? It Shouldn’t Even Be a Question!

OK Ladies, if you haven’t ever had a Gel Polish manicure go now and get one – you can thank me later. 

What is Gel polish?
Gel polish is applied just like a regular polish from a regular bottle except it will not air dry and must be cured under a UV or LED lamp. It lasts up to 3 weeks with no cracking, peeling or chipping.

Won’t it damage my own nails?
No, not if it is applied and removed by a trained professional who will apply a base coat first to eliminate any staining to the natural nail.  When the Gel Polish is removed, the nail will be soaked in acetone so that polish will easily peel off with an orange wood stick.

I would even say that Gel Polish has actually protected my nails – when I have it on they never peel or split which they always did before. My nails also seem to grow longer now than they did without it.

Aren’t they expensive?
Prices will vary but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. A Gel polish manicure, applied by a trained professional, will last up to 3 weeks.  For the approx £20 you spend it ends up working out at less than £1 a day.  Bargain!

But, I’ve heard some horror stories.  This girl I know…she said that…
We’ve all heard the stories.  We humans love nothing better than focusing on graphic gory details like bleeding nail beds and infected fingers. Unsurprisingly, these are the stories that make the news.

What you don’t hear about is the other side of things (my end) – all the happy clients who have had their nails maintained and manicured regularly by professionals and have had wonderful experiences of Gel Polish. I could talk all day about the potential danger of going to an amateur ‘Nail Tech’ but that’s a whole other article.  I’ll just say this: PLEASE go to a professional and expect to pay at least £30 for extensions with polish. You get what you pay for!

Amateur vs. Professional? You decide…

Nailed It

If you’re trying to work out what Gel Polish to buy next…here’s what I’m getting – Artistic Colour Gloss Spring 2014 collection.

Colour Inspires

Product Review: Nails Inc St James Polish

This is my first time trying out Nails Inc Polish and I am really impressed!

There is no official colour name written on this bottle, however from browsing the Nails Inc website, I believe it may be called St James.

The consistency, pigment quantity and colour density of the Nail Polish is perfect, even with one coat.


This is a mini bottle which costs £5 from the Nails Inc website. The full size version costs £11.

For more visit http://www.nailsinc.com