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Product Review: ‘Minx’ Pout Paint by Sleek Makeup

I love Lip Paints! I love how highly pigmented they are. The colour you see is the colour you are guaranteed to get. So when I received this Pout Paint by Sleek Makeup, I was very excited.

'minx' Pout Paint by Sleek Makeup

You can see from the swatch photo below how pigmented it is. The colour is nothing short of delicious! It is a beautiful Coral Shade, perfect for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter! This Pout Paint is in shade ‘Minx’.

'minx' Pout Paint by Sleek Makeup

So there is no denying how gorgeous this product is when it’s on. However, I have one issue. In small writing on the front of the product, it is advertised as ‘Highly Pigmented Lip Stain’. In my opinion, Lip Stains act fast. If you are applying a lip stain like Benetint or ChaCha Tint by Benefit Cosmetics, if you mess it up you better act fast, and I mean FAST! It stains in seconds and last for hours! I left this on my lips for around an hour (with no primer to protect me from staining) and I left the swatch on my hand for about 30 minutes. When I wiped them off I expected to see, well staining of course. However, when I wiped it off, my hand and lips were completely clean.


Clean hand after removing Pout Paint Lip Stain

This is without a doubt a gorgeous highly pigmented lip gloss, but a stain? No, not in my books. But thats fine, I am always looking for great lip glosses that actually display the colour on the lips that they show in the tube and these are priced at a very reasonable £4.99. I will definitely be getting a few more. They come in 11 shades. I particularly love this gorgeous purple shade called ‘Mauve over’. I want it for sure.


You can buy Sleek Makeup in Superdrug and online at www.sleekmakeup.com