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Tanning Friday Tip: – Righting your Wrongs!

9aWe’ve all been there…if you’re in a rush, in a dimly lit room, feeling tired or get interrupted during tan application, you can make a fatal tanning mistake which leaves you with streaks and/or patches.

As I always say, no need to worry! A lot of non fake tanners avoid moving over to the bronzed side because of horror stories like these, when in actual fact, it is very easy to right any wrongs!

7eIf you are applying instant tan (that develops straight away and can be washed off immediately) and notice streaks, simply get a pea sized amount of a thin moisturiser (I use E45) and rub into the tan with your finger tips to even out any problems.

The more difficult mistakes to correct are ones from gradual tans, as once you notice the streaks the tan will have already developed and is there to stay for a few days. In these situations you can have a go at adding more tan to the disaster areas to even it out, but then you will have to wait another 4 – 8 hours to see the result. You can also try to use a foundation or bronzer to cover the patchy areas, but you will need to be careful to match the colour of the tan to the colour of the makeup.


The best solution is to remove the tan completely. Removing a fully developed tan is not as tricky as some people will have you believe. Relax in the bath for 20 minutes, and steadily exfoliate with an exfoliating mitt and soap whilst also soaking off the tan. Better still, chlorine. Chlorine will take that tan straight off (also useful to know if you have just had a fabulous fake tan and want to maintain it – do not go swimming)! So if you pop to your local pool, the chlorine will completely strip the tan.

The main thing to remember is – with all the great tanning and application products available now, streaks are not a common problem. But if like everyone, you are occasionally faced with the dreaded orange lines, it isn’t something that cannot be corrected; and it certainly is not a reason to avoid trying fake tan altogether.