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Magnificent Monochrome Nails

“Is it spring yet? I need to get some brighter colours on my nails”. I have been asking this since taking off my silver sparkly Christmas polish in the New Year. There are only so many sultry shades I can cope with before they start bringing me down and I need a lift.

So, to keep my spirits up I excitedly looked through the New York and London Fashion Week pictures waiting to be inspired by the latest, most exciting, never seen before, nail trend…what a disappointment!

Simple Patterns, mixing shades, 3D add on’s, stripes, textured, sombre, boring, boring, boring.

Nails 1

Half moon manicure

Yaawn! The only thing that caught my eye as being in any way new and inspiring was the modern French manicure and the floating half-moon. Both individually not that pretty but put them together and I think were on to something.

BUT, it’s not enough – I’m still kidding myself that the brief break in the clouds means it’s pretty much spring and I should break out the pastels and maybe some glitter. I’m not sure if I can I continue with these darker shades without feeling completely “meh”?

However, just as I am about to cry into my laptop with despair, a desperate search of ‘nail art’ on Instagram saves the day…Baam!

There it is….Leona Lewis had smashed it with her nail look for the Grammys, a monochrome ‘checkmate’ manicure. I am totally in love with this look – it is elegant, stylish, sophisticated, new and if nails could speak they would be saying “we mean business”.

Nails 3

Leona’s fabulous nails were created by top celebrity manicurist, Kimmie Kyees whose handiwork has graced the nails of A-listers like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Britney Spears.

Leona’s look was created using Red Carpet Manicure, the first at-home LED gel manicure system. Kimmie Kyees used RCM’s White Hot and Black Stretch Limo to achieve Leona Lewis’ colour blocked gel manicure. Lewis’ celebrity manicurist first painted the whole nail with two coats of White Hot, and then with a striper brush, divided the nail into three sections, and filled in the sides with Black Stretch Limo.

Happy at last! Thank you Kimmie Kyees and Leona Lewis for these beautiful creations, I can’t wait to go and try them out.  Fingers crossed they look as amazing on my hands as they do on Leona’s….wish me luck!

Top Choices at the MTV VMA’s 2013

I’ve been taking a stroll down Memory Lane in regards to catwalk and Award Shows, when I came across the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 and I thought it would be great to do a review on some of the looks on the night.  There were some truly dreadful garments on how show but here on The Beauty Cloud we like to go with the positive so here are our favourite looks from  the night!

First up is the lovely Taylor Swift.  I’ve heard a lot of people saying that the dress she wore was aging and that she has  lots of time when she is older to wear such respectable clothing but for me I find it very refreshing to see someone her age dressing classy and elegant.  To me the navy well tailored dress was very Marilyn Monroe which of course is a big ‘yes’ for me.  This stunning piece is by Herve Leger.  The extremely talented Taylor Swift walked away with the award for best video on the night!


Emma Watson has become some what of a fashion icon the last while so it is expected of her to look great on the red carpet.  Again, just like Taylor I love to see someone her age dressing appropriately and tastefully.  She wore this adorable blended digital print dress which was uniquely tailored.  It’s a great length on her showing just enough leg paired with matching black heels to compliment the dress perfectly. Definitely a winner for us!


To me Selena Gomez was just perfection.  She wore a simply beautiful Versace dress with corset detailing covered in matching beading.  I’ve heard a few people say it was too sexy etc but her arms are covered and her legs aren’t out so I would say its it is definitely appropriate attire for the event.


Thats my low down for the best dressed at the awards!  Tune in next time when we will be looking at A/W 2013 Key Trends!

‘How-to’ create Selena Gomez: Funky French Braid


Heads turned as Selena Gomez stepped onto the red carpet at Sunday’s anticipated MTV Movies Awards. Her beautiful Julien Macdonald metallic minidress added a touch of glamour to the event and Selenas bold choice of hairstyle has been a key talking point this week.

We spoke with hair extension specialists at www.pauls-hair-world.co.uk to find out how to recreate Selenas great look and get red carpet ready in 6 simple(ish) steps!

Step 1

If you’re lucky enough to have very long hair, this style will be pretty easy to complete. If not, Pauls Hair World recommends using clip in hair extensions to get the necessary length to complete the French braid, also adding thickness to the style.

Step 2:

Backcomb the hair on the crown of the head to create a small bouffant, and pin into place. We suggest using a backcombing brush available for only £2.99 to quickly get height and body instantly.

Selena2Step 3:

Smooth the hair and create 6 small pony tails down the centre of your head.

Step 4:

We suggest you ask a friend to help you with this step. Carefully create a french braid using all of the pony tails.

Step 5:

To get Selena’s tousled look, gently pull the braid apart slightly, and pin to the smooth area of your hair to ensure the ponytails are completely covered. Use the back comb brush to carefully backcomb the French braid to add to the messy look.

Step 6:

You’re ready for the red carpet! Spray with extra hold hair spray to keep down any flyaway hairs and keep your Selena pony looking great all evening. 


Butterfly Hat by Gráinne Maher

Visionary milliner, jewellery maker and Northern Ireland Fashion Designer of the Year Gráinne Maher, continues to spread her creative wings with the launch of her debut millinery collection at House of Fraser Belfast this September.


The Gráinne Maher Millinery collection at House of Fraser will feature a statement collection of couture hats and heavenly headpieces expertly complemented by matching clutch bags.  With prices for hat and bag sets starting from just £125, these must-have accessories make wedding and race day shopping an exciting experience in itself. Nothing short of show-stopping, Gráinne’s new collection features elements of sinamay, lace, Swarovski crystal and pearl so for those searching for an opulent finish to any look, the hunt is over.


Pegasus Perspex Headpiece by Gráinne Maher

House of Fraser first snapped up Gráinne’s laser-cut jewellery label Pluck & Devour earlier this year following the donning of Gráinne’s ‘Bark at the Moon’ pendant by US superstar Selena Gomez before an audience of millions as host at Belfast MTV EMA’s.  For A/W 12 Pluck & Devour has several new avant-garde designs launching in-store including the new ‘culture vulture’ range which gives nod to literary gems such as Shakespeare and Wilde.  Be sure to also look out for Gráinne’s P&D LUXE label boasting ultra-modern 3D curved perspex one-offs for ladies who want nothing short of a style statement.


Pluck & Devour LUXE necklace by Gráinne Maher

Gráinne, who was recently named in The Irish Times’ Top 20 People Changing the Face of Northern Ireland, comments: “The last year has been a whirlwind of creativity and opportunity for me and I am super excited to be collaborating with House of Fraser for the launch of Gráinne Maher Millinery in-store.  I have had great fun putting the A/W 12 collection together, working on new embellishment twists and alternative materials for a truly bespoke feel.”



Blue perspex headpiece and necklace by Gráinne Maher


Gráinne Maher’s jewellery pieces are also available online at www.pluckanddevour.com and a range of boutiques around the country.


For more information, please visit www.grainnemahermillinery.com or www.pluckanddevour.com, emailg@pluckanddevour.com or g@grainnemahermillinery.com or alternatively call 00 44 7813 775164