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The 3-Part Series of: Is She Letting Herself Go?


PART 1 :

“I don’t need to buy an expensive underwear to feel pretty”…

As you all know, the beauty industry is dictating new fashion trends, products that “should” be used by all of us and explaining, “what beauty should look like”. But we all are aware of how the marketing works and how it affects our perception of beauty.

Every morning when we wake up, we spend hours getting ready in order to look “perfect”.  We stand impatiently in 7bfront of the wardrobe to chose the right outfit for the day; our arms are tired from keeping them up for so long whilst doing make up and hair; and when we are done, we still do not feel as good as we should.

Let’s then take a step back and have a think: why do I need so many cosmetics, clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Is it because I like collecting things? Or maybe because I am a shopaholic? Or maybe I need a different outfit for different body weight throughout the year? Or maybe I just want to make other girls jealous?

Now, let’s think further: do I wear all that in a year? Do I have space for all these things? Do I put all that make up on my face every single day? How does it affect my skin?


Well, let me tell you this: as far as you feel good in your own skin, you look good!

In this series of posts I would like to teach you all girls, that beauty starts from us standing naked in front of the mirror and smiling. We do not need anything else, except nice, comfortable underwear to feel pretty. What we need is the “happy attitude”. In one of the blogs that I have been reading recently, men have complained not about the size of their girlfriends, but about them not looking after themselves!

And here we are, starting to build the fundamentals to a “feel good mode”.

Lingerie… do I need to go to Anne Summers, Roxbury, Calvin Klein and other 7dexpensive outlets to look great in underwear? No, you do not! If you do not feel happy, you will not look good in anything. So take a “happy pill” and focus on your shape, comfort and variety of products available to you for as little as you can get. Believe me, Triumph panties wear off quicker and wash the same in the washing machine as panties from Primark.

All women’s lingerie is widely accessible on the market where the big pound does 7enot play the main role anymore. It does not matter anymore what size you are and what shape your curves are; what matters is the right choice of your lingerie and if you simply feel good in it.

When thinking about the choice of your piece, you should stop thinking so much fashion, but focus more on comfort. It is not that easy to find the right design and quality, but it is important to spend as much time as possible exploring your body shape with various patterns and fabrics. And please ladies, do not look at magazines and how those girls look! It is not real! You are real! Just you and the mirror… smile 🙂 and let me know what your partner said about the “new” naked you..