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The Secret Cost of Bridal Gown ‘Bargains’

Picture the scene; a two hour in depth bridal consultation where I successfully find the most perfect dress for a bride to be. I ask a lot of questions.  I get her to feel relaxed. She tries on lots of dress options and I give my expert advice.  Then, we find it – the dress she loves and wants to wear it for her wedding day!

But, she doesn’t order the dress that day.

Instead I get a phone call a week later from the bride to tell me that she has phoned every other stockist of the dress in the country and one of them is willing to sell the dress for £100 less than us! Now you may be thinking ‘good for her for finding a better deal’ or  ‘how can the other shop manage to sell it for less’, but let me tell you what I’m thinking from my perspective:


I occasionally hear from girls that a particular shop sells a brand of wedding dresses slightly cheaper than us, but it’s important to understand that it is not just a wedding dress that you are buying when you are purchasing from a “proper” bridal boutique. There are certain things that accompany a wedding dress that will be included in the price of the gown in some shops but not others – some will charge extra, and sometimes disproportionately so.

Bridal Gown HangerLet me give you some examples. In my boutique we include all kinds of things in the dress price, basic things like a hanger and a gown cover, the use of the changing room for as many try ons and alteration appointments as you need, storage of your dress, steaming it, organising and liaising with the seamstress on your behalf, subsidised on the day dressing… the list could go on!

Bridal alterations, seamstressI know of particular boutiques that charge £20 per week to store your gown so that you don’t have to bring it home. If your arrives ten weeks before your wedding that can be a BIG expense! When it comes to steaming, I know of bridal boutiques who don’t even own a steamer and others that charge £70 to press your dress. Alterations can be another big cost – we make sure that the seamstress we work with charges a fair amount for the work involved and doesn’t rip you off.  Alterations are, for us, an important part of the after care that we offer.  We make sure it happens on site so that you don’t feel like your own with a massive list of seamstresses to contact, some of whom might not even be familiar with handling bridal gowns.

Amazing bridal boutique environmentsAnother thing to think about is the environment in which you are buying your dress. Operating a gorgeous boutique in a town centre location obviously costs a fair bit more than a shop operating from someone’s garage or shed. If you are happy to negotiate country lanes and the smells of someone’s kitchen when you go to buy your dress then by all means try to save that £100, but most brides I’ve met expect a little more glamour and grandeur when they’re standing in a £2000 gown.

We also have to make sure we are selling dresses at a price that will ensure we can continue to be a sustainable business. I’m not talking about eeking out lots of profit from every bride (you’d be surprised how little we get to keep after paying the designer and vat man!) but making sure that we’re still here when it comes to the time for your dress to be delivered. Lots of you will remember the case of the two bridal shops who went bust a few years ago leaving lots of brides without their dresses and having to deal with police and TV news crews in order to get something back! And that’s exactly the risk you take when you go to a shop that has to undercut the recommended retail price in order to get any customers.

Nice people kick ass.

The vast majority of girls who find their dress with us but then ‘price-shop’ end up coming back to us in the end in order to buy it.  They always tell me that it’s because they’d far rather deal with us because we are nice! That is something else to consider – buying your wedding dress isn’t a mechanical transaction, it’s an emotional one. So it’s really important that you like and trust your boutique and their ability to contribute to your big day.

I don’t want this to come across as a rant or a huff, but I do hope that it makes you ask your bridal boutique what is included in the price. If you feel the need to call around a hundred other stockists to make sure you’re getting a fair deal then absolutely do it – that is your right – but just make sure you’re comparing apples to apples, not to brussel sprouts!

Article by Catherine Massey

Catherine has been writing Bi-Weekly Article for us since the 8th May 2012 and is our very talented Bridal Specialist. Catherine is a Bridal Stylist for their family Bridal Boutique, Cathedral Gowns. Find them online at http://www.cathedralgowns.com or on Facebook.

Any questions, email catherine@thebeautycloud.co.uk



Why Alterations to your Wedding Dress are so Important …

Since I described in my last blog how wedding dresses are sized, I thought you might like to know more about how your wedding dress will be made to fit you perfectly. Almost every single bride I meet needs at least a minor tweak on a standard fit to make it fit close to her body and flatter her to the max. It’s very rare that a wedding dress won’t need to be altered, at the very least on the hem length. The vast majority of girls only need a little tweak to the bust-line to make it sit completely flush against her skin and to not gape or pinch, and lots of girls benefit from a little extra cinching at the waist to really showcase her curves. For the vast majority of brides and bridal boutiques the most effective way to carry out these amendments to fit are through a process called ‘Alterations’, carried out by an experienced bridal seamstress.

The reason most dresses will need these minor alterations is because they are made to standard size charts and by someone who has never seen your figure, and the handmade nature of the garment means that there will always be variations in the fit and finish as its nearly impossible to cut and sew two dresses in exactly the same way. It isn’t practical or economical to send it back and forth to the designer to make these tweaks, therefore most bridal shops will have an experiences bridal alterations specialist on hand to carry out the work in a much more efficient and effective way. It’s obviously much better for the person making the alterations to be the same person who sees you in the dress.

Some of our designers offer a made to measure couture service but as the dress will be handmade by someone who has never seen you or your figure the fit will not be exact without a calico – but this is a much more arduous and time consuming process and adds a considerable amount to the price of a gown. But even with a made-to-measure gown there is a possibility that alterations might still be required, as even an eighth of an inch difference on a seam might mean that the gown pinches or gapes. In many cases it is much more practical and less time consuming to simply order your gown in a stand size and have the fit tailored by a seamstress, only if you are a non standard fit (eg. very pear shaped) will it be worthwhile to go down the made to measure route.

Alterations are carried out quite close to your wedding day to make sure that the fit is as perfect as possible. If you are planning on losing weight for your wedding it is even more important that your alterations be carried out really close to your wedding day, as there is no point having to have your dress taken in multiple times as your figure shrinks – and your seamstress won’t be impressed at having to redo the work.

The price of alterations can vary significantly depending on who carries them out and when they are done. I’ve heard of some seamstresses charging a rush fee for last minute work. But expect to pay anywhere from £30 to £100 for a hem to be shortened – multiple layers, chiffon and lace hems are much more difficult to work with and are obviously more expensive than a straightforward single layer satin gown. Bodice work will start at around £20 and the price will depend on boning, fabric and bead-work. On average most brides pay around £70 to have their gown tailored to fit them. However, every person needs different amounts of alterations, therefore it’s not fair for a shop to set a standard price for alterations or to include them in the price of the gown – what if the bodice fits perfectly and you only need a hem – you wouldn’t be happy to pay for a job that wasn’t required.

It is really important that you take that final step and opt to have your gown tailored exactly to your body – no matter how expensive your dress, it’ll look terrible and possibly even cheap if it digs in or gapes and exposes too much of your cleavage. No bride wants her guests commenting that she should have had the dress fitted to her.  Investing in the final fit of your dress is vital and I promise you won’t regret it!