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Every Traveler’s Summer Tan Essential


With summer on the way we know that we are a lot more likely to be spending time away from home – maybe heading off on a dream holiday, spending time with relatives, or camping over at festival! Wherever you may be spending your sunny summer months you want to make sure that you can stay on top of your tanning game, and always be prepared.

Fake Bake have not only made this possible but also easy! They have invented a perfect, handy compact travel pack with all your tanning essentials included. The Fake Bake Original Self-Tanner Travel Kit has everything you need to create the perfect self tan.

Fake Bake Original Self-Tanner Travel Kit

The pack contains…

– 60ml Passion Fruit Body Polish. This will leave your skin perfectly exfoliated, hydrated, soft and smooth – ensuring it is ready to fully absorb the fake tan!
– 60ml Original Self Tan Lotion. This is one of Fake Bake’s best selling products, and it is not hard to see why. It is a light, fast drying and non sticky self tanning lotion that gets to work right away upon contact with the skin.
– 60ml Oil Free Moisturiser. You’ll want to use this on particularly dry areas like elbows, feet and knees before and after applying the self tan to ensure smooth application and to maintain and extend the life of the tan.

Fakebake don’t stop there, oh no…to make life even easier, they have also included a pair of application gloves!

All products smells absolutely amazing and truly capture the essence of summer!

The Fake Bake Original Self-Tanner Travel Kit costs around £15, and for what is included and the peace of mind that it allows you, I think this is a total bargain! I will not be without it this summer!

Written by Jennie Longdon, our tanning enthusiast. You can follow Jennie on Twitter.  Any questions, email jennie@thebeautycloud.co.uk

Summer Hair to Dye For

The weather seems to be picking up and the sun is out.  Woohoo! It’s time for some summer fun so why not start with your hair colour?  A few celeb’s are already leading the way with their stunning new summer hairdos.

Katy Perry Green Hair DyeKaty Perry has decided to go for a fresh spring colour and there’s nothing that says more spring than green! Katy calls her green tresses ‘slime colour’.  Well, I’ve never seen slime looking so good.

Kelly OsbourneKelly Osborne, never to be out done, has gone for a more subtle lilac colour with beautiful soft tones.  I have fallen in love with this looks soft feminine feel that still manages to retain an edge.

Keeping with the soft subtle theme, Julianne Hough is our inspiration.  Here, she’s sporting silvery grey tones icing up her blonde maine with clever suggestive colouring.

Julianne Hough

Fancy some spring time tones and colour?  Well, here’s a fantastic way of injecting them in into your current hairstyle.  Those of you who follow my blog you will know what a huge fan I am of these little gems…  You will never find me without them in my session bag… Yes, that’s right! It’s Kevin Murphy’s Color Bug.  These little bugs can give colour ranging from subtle tones to vivid streaks and last until your next shampoo.  For subtle tones apply to dry hair.  For more striking colour add to damp hair.

There are a range of fun colours to choose from.  There are pink, purple and orange dyes – perfect for achieving an eye-popping look.  For more subtle colouring use the white bug to ice out blondes and glimmer bug to give glamorous golden tones to blondes and brunettes.

Let’s all have some fun in the sun with our hair colour – even if it’s just for a day!!!

It’s Snow Time! Work Your Quads and Core

London 2012 Summer Olympics reignited Great Britain’s love of sport…we were inspired to dust of those tennis rackets from the back of the shed, or even seek out their local sports clubs to try something new. Fast forward two years and we have the Winter Olympics in Sochi…there wasn’t quite the same amount of hype surrounding this (how many Facebook posts were there questioning the point of Curling?!) but there was one sport that grabbed everyone’s attention early on….


Jenny Jones winning Bronze at Sochi 2014.

Whether you are a sports fan or not, you couldn’t fail to hear of Jenny Jones’ roaring success – a 33 year old snowboarder from Bristol, Jenny took home GB’s first medal of the 2014 Games; our first ever on snow. Now, GB has a distinct lack of snow capped mountains (or any you can hope to get down successfully at speed anyway) so you can imagine how this came as a surprise! In a refreshing change, she wasn’t a snow sports prodigy as a child, only taking up snowboarding at the age of 18.

It’s believed that snowboarding was invented in the 60’s by a gentleman who one day bound 2 skis together with a piece of rope for steering, and created the ‘snurfer’. Since then it’s become a worldwide phenomenon and developed into one of the most popular winter sports.

I first snowboarded a few years ago, completing a ‘learn to snowboard in a day’ course at Tamworth Snow Dome – an indoor centre with the bonus of being real snow, not just a dry slope. I went with my sister (who was trying to impress her husband – an avid snowboarder) but she hated it and didn’t make it past the morning! I, however, fell in love with it, and have since done the odd day here and there, and been on two snow filled holidays to the Alps (most recently just last week).

There’s always the rivalry between skiers and snowboarders. Many times I’ve heard the quote ‘Skiing is easier to learn but harder to master; snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master’. Having only done the latter I can’t really compare both, but what I can say is that while learning, I spent a LOT of time on the floor (with teeny tiny French children whizzing past me in ski school).

You start learning your toe edge and heel edge (facing up or down the mountain, digging the long edge of the board in to create a drag. Once you get confident with this, you then start building in turns, switching from one edge to the other. It’s a slow process and can be very frustrating, but the buzz you get from doing a run at speed and managing to turn successfully is incredible.

Courtney's Bruised KneeI took my fair share of bumps through the week and am still recovering from a couple of niggling injuries, but I can’t recommend it enough. Snowboarding is a great workout…straight away my legs were burning (too long on a heel edge and your quads will be screaming at you!) and it’s great training for your core to control your body and stay stable.

The floor will become your best friend, but don’t be afraid of falling; tensing up too much will just make it worse and harder to control, and you’ll realise hitting the deck isn’t that bad after all. Every morning my body ached, I could barely make it up the stairs and wished for bed, but once you’ve done a couple of light runs to warm up you forget all that. The amazing views from the top of the mountain make it all worthwhile anyway, and if all that fails there’s always some après-ski to soothe the pain.

The breathtaking view from 3200m up

If you don’t want to commit to a full snow holiday, check out your nearest indoor snow centre. It’s a great way to get a taste of it, and if you go off peak (summertime) you can get great offers. Most centres will do group lessons (generally you’ll need to be a competent boarder before they let you free in recreational time) but if you can get a group of friends to go, you can get a private lesson between you which will save money and probably be a good laugh.

I warn you though…it will be addictive!

Nudes in Bloom – Bobbi Brown bring us another luscious colour collection for S/S 14

Bobbi Brown Spring Summer Nectar and nude collection Katie Holmes,You know Spring is approaching when Bobbi Brown launch their Coral Collection! They are always such a welcome sight. Bobbi Brown has recently given us the gift of their new Nectar & Nude Collection.

I wanted to take a moment to share some of my favourites from the collection.

Firstly is this gorgeously pigmented Limited Edition Nail Polish.  They have given us a few new shades for Spring/Summer. Here are a few of my fav’s!



At only £11 each, I thinking these long-lasting Matte polishes are destined to be in my collection.

Next, and we are onto some luscious Lip Glosses my favourites for SS14 have to be the new ‘Nectar’ and ‘Nude Pink’ shades.



If the colours aren’t enough to wooo your heart, you might like to know that Bobbi’s Lip Gloss is formulated with soothing botanical extracts – including Avocado, Jojoba and Chamomile Oils, and Aloe Extract – to keep lips soft and supple. Scented with a hint of Vanilla. YUM! Bobbi’s New Lip Glosses are £18 each.

Then lastly, but definitely not least is the BB Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks. This product has won numerous awards like Best Cream/Gel Blusher, InStyle Beauty Awards 2013. Winner of a Beauty Bible Anti-Ageing Awards 2013 plus a few more.


BB have launched a new Hibiscus shade which is a bright vibrant red coral colour! Even the slightest amount of this product will give you an instant on the spot, ‘ready to holiday on a yacht’ look! Just have a look at Katie Holmes in their campaign photo. Its delightfully gorgeous!

Look Cool AND Hot this summer with our Top 3 ‘How-to’ Hairstyles!

Summer has definitely arrived…. Hurray !! The more the temperature heats up, the less time I want to stand with a dryer drying my hair!

In this blog I’m going to give you a few hints and ideas for ways to style your hair and look great on hot days, here or on holidays.

Texture your Waves

This is ideal for Long / Wavy / Curly Hair

Elle MacPherson with texturised summer hair

Elle MacPherson with texturised summer hair

 After jumping in and out of the shower , drying, moisturising and getting dressed, standing to dry your hair can feel like a mammoth task.

This  is a hugely simple way of styling your hair with no dryer!

We start with pre-shampooed towel dried hair, comb well, removing all knots and tangles. Apply Kevin Murphy Hair Resort evenly through your hair , then simply plait your hair to one side, you can funk it up by doing a fishtail plait but it’s your choice. You’ve got your day look in minutes, but the magic of this is at the end of the day when your hair has dried, let it down and give it a shake and Voila! You’ve got sexy beach textured curls for an evening look!!

Kink it up

This is perfect for Long / Medium / Straight / Loose Wavy Hair

Eva Mendes. Summer Kink Hair

Eva Mendes with Summer Kink Hair

As before, we begin with our pre-shampooed towel dried hair. After combing thoroughly, apply Kevin Murphy Body Builder evenly though your hair. Again so simple but effective – Twist your hair up and pin into a loose bun (it doesn’t need to neat ), and your day-look is achieved again in minutes so you can spend more time soaking up those rays!!

After a hard days chilling in the sun you hair will have dried in your bun, so drop it down flick your head upside down and shake, mist with a light spray of hairspray, lift your head back up and you’ve kinked it up for night out!

 Slick it up

Suitable for Short / Bob length hair

Anne Hathaway - Sleek Summer Hair

Anne Hathaway – Sleek Summer Hair

This is a great way to keep your hair styled,  but out of your way on those hot days.

You’ve guessed it! We start again with pre-shampooed towel dried hair. Now we have two options of what product to use, you can use a lightweight gel for a slightly firmer controlled-look or my personal favourite, a conditioner for a softer more movable look giving your hair an intensive treatment in the heat of the sun while you work on your tan.  My recommended conditioner is KMS Color Vitality Shine & Shield for anyone with or without coloured hair, as its Shield protects and conditions all at once. With the gel, you know if you’ve got a day of activities it will stay in place, my gel pf choice is KMS Hair Stay Styling Gel.

Now that you’ve chosen your selected product, work it evenly and thoroughly through your towel dried hair and either comb into slick style or run your fingers through and style for a bit more lift it doesn’t need to be very flat and slick. For a twist to the style give it a little lift around the front area and it looks good but also lifts hair of your face! That’s only one idea to funk it up – Have fun trying your own ideas too!

So now that the weather has heated up and you’ve got your hints and tips – You can look cool and hot this summer!

Keep a Cool Foundation this Summer!

Working in the heat is definitely a lot more difficult, but even more so if the products you are working with have also given up in the heat!

Makeup is no different to food in this respect.They kind of give up their game in the heat. Certain items like Foundations, Concealers, Cream Eyeshadow and most definitely Lipsticks tend to die in the heat. Which means that you will risk destroying your products.

I got one of these cute little cool bags for keeping my heat sensitive products in when I’m out and about in the sun.

This bag is measured at 210 mm x 150 mm x 120 mm which is perfect for fitting your susceptible products into. Plus it folds flat when its not in use.  It is also made from recycled plastic which you ecolovers will be pleased to hear. It is priced at a very reasonable £5.99 from therandomshop.co.uk.

I bought some of these little Gel Coolpacks from Sainsburys for £3 to place in the bag to keep them all cool.

Available from sainsburys.co.uk

Available from sainsburys.co.uk

All in all you will save all your products and make your life and job a whole lot easier for under £10. One lipstick alone costs more than that, so its definitely a worth while investment!

As always, click on the photos to go straight to the products in store.

Keep Cool and Stay Beautiful.

Nuala ♥

‘Sheer’ Summer Fashion 2013

Sheer fashion is the ultimate statement trend for Spring/Summer 13!  It has been all over the runways this season.  Sheer can be worn classy or sassy, your outfit could just have panels of sheer or it could be totally see through for a seductive look!  It’s entirely up to you! I’ve searched online for the sheer trend on the high-street. Here are some of my best picks! (Click on the images to whizz straight to the shop’s website)

Available at ASOS.com

Available at ASOS.com

I think this is a perfect summer dress for going out in. It is practical and comfortable. I love the uneven hemline and the floaty movement of the fabric. It is the kind of dress that can be dressed up or worn casually. To dress it up I would add a pair of stilettos and a delicate bracelet with a detailed necklace and possibly a metallic belt. This dress would work well with sandals or wedges also.  A vest top in a contrasting colour such as red or white would add more colour to the dress if you wanted a casual look. Available at ASOS.com

Available at UrbanOutfitter.co.uk

Available at UrbanOutfitter.co.uk

I really love this sheer jacket. It is the perfect summer jacket and is the kind of garment that will go with anything you chose to team it up with. I would wear it with light blue skinny jeans and wedges with a plain, strong coloured vest top and a long necklace to create a casual summer look. Available at Urban Outfitters.

Available at missguided.co.uk

Available at missguided.co.uk

 I love the colour of this dress. It is so fresh and summery. I think the sheer overskirt moves beautifully when walking and really makes the dress. I would change the belt and team the belt with the colour of the accessories. I think strong bright colours such as pink and maroon would work well with the colour of this dress. Colourful bracelets are a must for this outfit.

Available from topshop.com

Available from topshop.com

This is a midi dress with a spilt hem and sheer panels. I think the sheer panels contrast well with the material of the dress and create a unique look. I would wear this with black heels and black/silver bracelets for a classy and sophisticated summer look. Available at TOPSHOP.