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Can you Rock a Red Lip this Valentines?

Red lips valentines day makeupAs  much as we all would love to pull off a gorgeous deep red lipstick to seduce anyone whose eyes fall upon us, the truth is, it’s just not that easy and if we aren’t careful, we will more than likely scare away all of those wandering eyes if we pick the wrong colour.

So here is the rule of thumb, I’m not saying that you MUST stick to these rules, there are a few who can break the rule depending on the balance they can create with their eye makeup and even their eye colour.

Red lips valentines day makeup penelope-cruz-red-lipstickIf you have darker skin, you firstly need to work out if you have warm or cool undertones.  If you decide you have warm undertones, you will find an orange-red lippy will work best to compliment your skin. Penelope Cruz is a great example of warm dark skin rocking an orange-red.

If you have cool undertones to your dark skin, you will rock a true red.

Fair skinned women are going to be best suited with Blue-Red Lipsticks, this is because they are less bright than that of an orange-red or a true-red. Saying that, ombre lips, valentines day, makeup, beautybecause you are wearing a dark lip, you need to make sure to balance your eye makeup. It is a must that you wear some dark eyeliner and plentiful layers of mascara. Otherwise, you lips will steal the show and your eyes will disappear.

You can always be brave and mix the depth of the reds you choose to wear. I love this image of Ombré-Style red lips.

Megan fox red lips valentines day makeup beauty blue red liptstick

With all of this being said, be careful not to wear too much eye-makeup. Yes, you will need plenty of Eyeliner and Mascara (or some luscious falsies), but be careful to keep your eyeshadow in neutral tones. There are few who can carry off dramatic eyes and lips.

So remember as much as we love the thought of having dramatic red lips, make sure you are using the correct colour for your skin-tone so your lips can stand out for all the right reasons. Here are a few examples of people wearing a a Red Lipstick which is wrong for their skin-tone.

celebrity-red-lips-megan-fox-Red lips valentines day makeup red-lipstick how-to-apply-Red-lipstick

My Valentines Lip Pick!

Since today is Valentines Day, I picked a special Lipstick to wear!

Inglot Lipstick Shade 243

Inglot Lipstick Shade 243

Inglot Cosmetics Lipstick #243 is PERFECT for the occasion!

The photo doesn’t really do the colour justice, it is a gorgeous deep Pink with a hit of purple. Here is a photo of it actually applied.

inglot 243

Enriched with Vitamin E and Apricot Kernel Oil, it leaves your lips fully moisturised and ready for action!

What is your favourite colour for Valentines?

Romancing the Tresses

Valentines Day is a upon us and we all want to look stunning for our other halves, so I have jotted down a few quick tips on how to romance up your hair !!!

1. Keep it soft – Movie Romantic hair is soft and touchable. So my top tip to achieve this is use light weight products but go gently on the amount you use.


2. Wispy – Our Hollywood Heroine always has hair tumbling and blowing around her face, so if your pinning your hair up or back drop some tendrils down around your face for that leading lady feel.


3. Waves & Curls – These are almost always a must for a soft romantic feel. The movement softens the texture of the hair, giving it that effortless natural feminine look.


So with these hints and tips you Valentines Day should be red hot with passion.

Catch the Man of your Dreams with this Valentines inspired Nail Tutorial!

When I spotted the ever gorgeous Kelly Osbourne’s fabulous heart tipped stiletto manicure at this years Grammy Awards, I was in LOVE!! And with it being the season of love, why not wear your heart on your nails this Valentine’s Day with my easy step-by-step guide to this super cute look!


Step 1
Wipe over your nail bed with a little polish remover on a cotton pad, apply a base coat and let it dry.

Step 2
Shape your nails with a light grit file in the one direction in to an oval shape or if you are braver a more pointed stiletto shape.

Step 3
Grab a roll of Scotch Tape and cut 10 individual squares mirroring the size of your nails. When you have done that cut a 3 shape in to each piece this will be the stencil for the top of your heart shape.

Step 4
Stick on your nail guides to the nails matching it up to either side of the nail and place half way down

Step 5
Using a color of your choice maybe White like Kelly, a more traditional Red or Pink, or even a sexy statement Black or heavy glitter, paint in the sectioned off part of your nail and before the polish is totally dry remove your tape using a pair of tweezers to avoid any mess

Step 6
Finish off with a top coat and do not move until totally dry!


Get Love-struck with your nails this Valentine’s Day, I did in Sexy Red I hope you Like….

Love Debbie xxx